Dreadful-AI: A curated list to hunt newest provoking usages of AI

Dreadful AI is a curated list to hunt newest provoking usages of AI – hoping to solid off consciousness to its misuses in society

Synthetic intelligence in its newest divulge is unfair, without agonize at likelihood of assaults and notoriously refined to manipulate. On the tubby, AI programs and predictions lengthen fresh systematic biases even when the records is balanced. On the opposite hand, increasingly relating the uses of AI technology are performing within the wild. This list objectives to hunt all of them. We hope that Dreadful AI additionally can very properly be a platform to spur dialogue for the reach of that you just’re going to be ready to factor in preventive technology (to fight lend a hand!).


AI-based fully fully largely largely Gaydar – Synthetic intelligence can accurately wager whether of us are homosexual or straight in accordance with pictures of their faces, in accordance with fresh learn that implies machines can tell critically better “gaydar” than humans. [summary]

Infer Genetic Disease From Your Face – DeepGestalt can accurately place some gripping genetic considerations the utilization of a negate of a affected person’s face. This might presumably presumably smartly outcome in payers and employers doubtlessly inspecting facial pictures and discriminating towards those that tell pre-fresh necessities or increasing scientific complications. [Nature Paper]

Racist Chat Bots – Microsoft chatbot called Tay spent a day studying from Twitter and began spouting antisemitic messages.

Racist Auto Brand – a Google characterize recognition program labeled the faces of several unhappy of us as gorillas. Amazon’s Rekognition labeled darker-skinned ladies as men 31 percent of the time. Lighter-skinned ladies had been misidentified 7 per cent of the time. Rekognition helps the Washington County Sheriff Place of abode of job in Oregon crawl up how lengthy it took to place suspects from heaps of of thousands of negate records. [ABC file on Rekognition bias]

Sexist Recruiting – AI-based fully fully largely largely recruiting tools identical to HireVue, PredictiveHire, or an Amazon interior gadget, scans diverse choices identical to video or yell records of job candidates and their CVs to divulge whether or not they’re charge hiring. Within the case of Amazon, the algorithm immediate taught itself to know male candidates over feminine ones, penalizing CVs that incorporated the honour « ladies’s, » identical to « ladies’s chess membership captain. » It additionally reportedly downgraded graduates of two ladies’s colleges. [summary][Submit article about HireVue]

Gender Detection from Names – Genderify aged to be a biased supplier that promised to place anyone’s gender by inspecting their title, electronic mail deal with, or username with the assistance of AI. In response to Genderify, Meghan Smith is a girl, however Dr. Meghan Smith is a person.

PredPol – PredPol, a program for police departments that predicts hotspots the place future crime would presumably presumably smartly happen, would presumably presumably smartly doubtlessly derive stuck in a ideas loop of over-policing majority unhappy and brown neighbourhoods. [summary]

COMPAS – is a likelihood review algorithm out of date skool in agreeable courts by the divulge of Wisconsin to foretell the likelihood of recidivism. Its producer refuses to divulge the proprietary algorithm and perfect the remaining likelihood review influence is notorious. The algorithm is biased towards blacks (even worse than humans). [summary][NYT opinion]

Infer Illegal project From Your Face – A program that judges must you’re a detention center from your facial choices. [summary]

Place of start Security – Place of start security, with DataRobot, is rising a terrorist-predicting algorithm taking a look for to foretell if a passenger or a neighborhood of passengers are excessive-likelihood by having a watch at age, home deal with, day shuffle backward and forward divulge and/or transit airports, route records (one-manner or spherical day day shuffle), measurement of the quit, and baggage records, and loads others., and evaluating with known cases.

iBorderCtrl – AI-based fully fully largely largely polygraph tell a look for at for travellers coming into the European Union (trial fragment). Apparently going to tell a excessive tell of deceptive positives, pondering how plenty of us for the length of the EU borders every day. Furthermore, facial recognition algorithms are inclined to racial bias. [summary]

Faception – In response to facial choices, Faception claims that it would per chance perhaps divulge veil persona traits e.g. « Extrovert, a explicit person with Excessive IQ, Suited Poker Player or a likelihood ». They assemble fashions that classify faces into categories identical to Pedophile, Terrorist, White-Collar Offenders and Bingo Avid avid gamers without prior records. [classifiers][video pitch]

Persecuting ethnic minorities – Chinese language form-usahave constructed algorithms that allow the authorities of the Of us’s Republic of China to mechanically video divulge Uyghur of us. This AI technology results in merchandise admire the AI Digicam from Hikvision, which has marketed a digicam that mechanically identifies Uyghurs, one in every of the area’s most persecuted minorities. [NYT opinion]

Influencing, disinformation, and fakes

Cambridge Analytica – Cambridge Analytica uses Fb records to substitute viewers behaviour for political and commercial causes. [Guardian article]

Deep Fakes – Deep Fakes is an synthetic intelligence-based fully fully largely largely human characterize synthesis technique. It is out of date skool to mix and superimpose fresh pictures and flicks onto supply pictures or movies. Deepfakes additionally can very properly be out of date skool to compose inaccurate superstar pornographic movies and revenge porn or rip-off companies [CNN Interactive Legend][Deep Nudes]

Tainted Data Bots – Automatic accounts are being programmed to unfold inaccurate records. In fresh conditions, inaccurate records has been out of date skool to manipulate stock markets, form of us tell unhealthy properly being-care alternate choices, and manipulate elections, along side the 2016 US presidential election. [summary][NYT Article]

Consideration Engineering – From Fb notifications to Snapstreaks to YouTube auto-performs, they’re all competing for one ingredient: your consideration. Corporations prey on our psychology for their revenue.

Social Media Propaganda – The Militia is studying and the utilization of records-pushed social media propaganda to manipulate records feeds to substitute the perceptions of security power actions. [Guardian article]


Clearview.ai – Clearview AI assemble a facial recognition database of billions of of us by scanning their social media profiles. The making use of is within the intervening day out of date skool by law enforcement to extract names and addresses from doubtless suspects, and as a secret plaything for the prosperous to allow them to observe on potentialities and dates.

Predicting Mass Protests – The US Pentagon funds and uses technologies identical to social media surveillance and satellite tv for computer imagery to forecast civil disobedience and infer situation of protesters by capability of their social networks for the length of the area. There are indications that this technology is increasingly out of date skool to goal Anti-Trump protests, leftwing groups and activists of coloration.

Gait Diagnosis – Your gait is amazingly complex, very sizable gripping and laborious, if no longer no longer capability, to veil in this era of CCTV. Your gait perfect wishes to be recorded once and associated with your identification, so it is doubtless you’ll even be tracked in agreeable-time. In China this more or much less surveillance is already deployed. Besides, a pair of of us had been convicted on their gait on my hang within the west. We’re ready to no longer quit even modestly anonymous in public.

SenseTime & Megvii– In response to Face Recognition technology powered by deep studying algorithm, SenseFace and Megvii offers constructed-in alternate choices of suave video prognosis, which capabilities in goal surveillance, trajectory prognosis, inhabitants administration. [summary][forbes][The Economist (video)]

Uber – Uber’s « God Test » let Uber employees expose the final Ubers in a city and the silhouettes of developing an are attempting forward to Uber potentialities who tell flagged autos – along side names. The pointers tranquil by Uber aged to be then out of date skool by its researchers to study non-public intent identical to meeting up with a sexual accomplice. [rides of glory]

Palantir – One billion-dollar startup that makes a speciality of predictive insurance policies, intelligence and ai-powered security power security programs. [summary]

Censorship – WeChat, a messaging app out of date skool by millions of of us in China, uses computerized prognosis to censor text and pictures interior non-public messaging in agreeable-time. The utilization of optical personality recognition, the pictures are examined for flawed divulge — along side one thing about global or home politics deemed undesirable by the Chinese language Communist Tournament. It’s a self-reinforcing gadget that’s rising with every characterize despatched. [compare summary]

Social credit ranking ranking programs

Social Credit ranking Association – The utilization of a secret algorithm, Sesame credit ranking ranking continually rankings of us from 350 to 950, and its rankings are in accordance with parts along side concerns of “interpersonal relationships” and explicit person habits. [summary][Foreign Correspondent (video)][hasten ban]

Effectively being Insurance security Credit ranking Association – Scientific insurance coverage security companies identical to Vitality present offers in accordance with derive entry to to records from fitness trackers. On the opposite hand, to boot they’ll charge more and even set derive entry to to significant scientific devices if victims are optimistic to be non-compliant to unfair pricing. [ProPublica]

Misleading platforms, and scams

Misleading Reward Robots – Reward robots identical to Sophia are being out of date skool as a platform to falsely negate basically the latest divulge of AI and to actively deceive the final public into believing that nearly all standard AI has human-admire intelligence or is terribly finish to it. Here’s terribly flawed due to it looked on the area’s predominant dialogue board for global security security. By giving a deceptive have an influence on of the place AI is at present, it helps defence contractors and these pushing security power AI technology to promote their ideas. [Criticism by LeCun]

Zach – an AI, developed by the Dreadful Basis, claimed to jot down better opinions than scientific scientific doctors. The technology generated large media consideration in Unique Zealand however turned out to be a deceptive rip-off aiming to get rid of money from merchants.

Self reliant weapon programs and armed forces

Deadly self sustaining weapons programs– Self reliant weapons detect, tell, and tell targets without human intervention. They encompass, as an event, armed quadcopters (video) that would per chance well presumably presumably smartly look for records from for and solid off enemy warring parties in a city the utilization of facial recognition. [NY Instances (video)]

Identified newest self sustaining weapons initiatives encompass:

  • Automatic machine gun – The Kalashnikov neighborhood supplied an computerized weapon alter situation the utilization of AI that offers the operator with computerized recognition and goal illumination and computerized monitoring of floor, air and sea targets. Samsung developed and deployed SGR-A1, a robotic sentry gun, which uses yell recognition and monitoring.
  • Armed UAVs – Ziyan UAV develops armed self sustaining drones with gentle machine guns and explosives that would per chance well presumably presumably smartly act in swarms
  • Self reliant Tanks – Uran-9 is an self sustaining tank, developed by Russia, that aged to be examined within the Syrian Civil Fight

Dreadful learn

‘Inventive’ abominable learn is getting fresh in AI’s top scientific convention. This fragment offers out the scariest paper award for basically the most unethical learn at a top-venue convention. Congratulations to the authors and moreover the convention for lacking moral pointers.

NeurIPS 2019 ‘scariest paper award’ 🥇

Face Reconstruction from Dispute the utilization of Generative Adversarial Networks
– This paper addresses the sector to reconstruct anyone’s face from their yell. Given an audio clip spoken by an unseen explicit person, the proposed algorithm pictures a face that has as many classic parts, or associations as that you just’re going to be ready to factor in with the speaker, within the case of identification. The mannequin can generate faces that match several biometric characteristics of the speaker and results in matching accuracies which is able to doubtless be sizable better than likelihood. [code]
Class: Surveillance

Predicting the Politics of an Image The utilization of Webly Supervised Data
– This paper collects a dataset of over one million gripping pictures and associated records articles from left- and acceptable-leaning records sources, and develops a reach to foretell and alter the characterize’s political leaning, outperforming accurate baselines. Class: Discrimination

Contestational learn

Be taught to compose a much less abominable and more privateness-conserving AI

Differential Privacy – An precise definition of privateness that lets in us to form theoretical ensures on records breaches. AI algorithms additionally can very properly be trained to be differentially non-public. [usual paper]

Privacy-Preservation the utilization of Trusted Hardware – AI algorithms that would per chance well presumably presumably smartly crawl interior depended on hardware enclaves (or non-public blockchains that assemble upon it) and divulge with none shareholder having derive entry to to non-public records.

Privacy-Preservation the utilization of Stable Computation – The utilization of accurate computation programs admire secret sharing, Yao’s garbled circuits, or homomorphic encryption to coach and deploy non-public machine studying fashions on non-public records the utilization of fresh machine studying frameworks.

Elegant Machine Finding out & Algorithm Bias – A subfield in AI that investigates diverse equity requirements and algorithm bias. A fresh perfect paper (in ICLR18), e.g. displays that imposing dispute requirements can tell a delayed have an influence on on equity.

Adversarial Machine Finding out – Adversarial examples are inputs, which motive the mannequin to form a mistake. Be taught in adversarial defences entails however is now no longer any further restricted to adversarial working in direction of, distillation and Protection-GAN.

Contestational tech initiatives

These open-supply initiatives strive to spur discourse, present security or consciousness to abominable AI

BLM Privacy – AI facial recognition fashions can expose blurred faces and is out of date skool by authorities to arrest protesters. BLM Privacy tries to discourage of us from taking a look for to receive or reconstruct pixelated faces by retaining of us with an opaque veil. [code]

AdNauseam – AdNauseam is a gradual-weight browser extension to fight lend a hand towards monitoring by promoting networks. It in accurate truth works admire an advert-blocker (it be some distance constructed atop uBlock-Basis) to silently simulate clicks on every blocked advert, complex trackers as to one’s agreeable interests. [code]

Snopes.com – The Snopes.com web location on-line aged to be founded by David Mikkelson, a dispute begun in 1994 and has since grown into the oldest and greatest truth-checking location on the Web, one widely regarded by journalists, folklorists, and laypersons alike as one in every of the area’s significant sources.

Fb Container – Fb Container isolates your Fb commentary from the leisure of your procure commentary to quit Fb from monitoring you open air of the Fb web location on-line by capability of third-celebration cookies. [code]

TrackMeNot – TrackMeNot is a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox) that helps protect your on-line searches by rising inaccurate search queries. This creates noise in records that makes it tougher to hunt and profile user behaviour. [code]

Coronary heart for Democracy & Technology – Digital Choices is an interactive graphic that helps you ask the precise questions when designing/imposing or building a fresh algorithm.



To the extent that you just’re going to be ready to factor in underneath law, David Dao has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to this work.

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