HomePod mini packs a punch.

White HomePod mini top discover with plus and minus quantity controls and a engaging masks beneath them.

360-diploma audio

Jam-stuffed with innovation, HomePod mini delivers with out have in mind mountainous sound for a speaker of its measurement. At appropriate 3.3 inches superior, it takes up nearly no home alternatively fills the corpulent room with prosperous 360‑diploma audio that sounds fabulous from every perspective.

Boundary-pushing computational audio

creates the corpulent, detailed tones of an important elevated speaker — and HomePod mini turns it up with out missing your notify instructions.

Mini sounds mountainous.

An Apple-designed corpulent‑fluctuate driver makes use of an extremely colossal neodymium magnet to steal deep bass and crisp high frequencies.

The outlandish acoustic waveguide directs sound out the bottom of the speaker, rising a 360‑diploma audio strength of will for consistent sound no subject where you furthermore will most reputedly be within the room.

The exiguous alternatively colossal Apple S5 chip enables computational audio, which processes improved algorithms in good time, providing you with balanced, good‑tuned sound at any quantity.

Apple-designed energy‑cancelling passive radiators give HomePod mini colossal bass extension.

Four microphones work collectively to abet tag noise and concentrate for “Hey Siri” — even in case your atmosphere is loud, you don’t wish to flip the amount down or transfer nearer to be heard.

Designed to test wherever within the position

HomePod mini is designed to test wherever within the position. Its sure form is wrapped in a fantastically seamless mesh cloth that’s nearly about transparent to the sound passing by design of it. A backlit contact ground on the tip affords impulsively defend gaze over.

A linked sound machine for all of your home

With a pair of HomePod mini speakers positioned all over the position, that you correct would per chance presumably be profitable to accept as approved with a linked sound machine for all of your home. Search recordsdata from Siri to play one tune all over or, appropriate as with out complications, a outlandish tune in every room. And HomePod mini works with HomePod for multiroom audio and substances savor Intercom.

Stereo pair

When you are going to need to contain the fabulous sound skills of HomePod mini even extra, you might per chance presumably presumably presumably successfully build a stereo pair. Two HomePod mini speakers paired within the the an identical room build left and appropriate channels for an immersive soundstage.

Enormous TV masks with a girl singing. A MacBook Pro, an iPad, an iPhone, and a Home Grey HomePod mini are organized in front.

HomePod mini works simply alongside aspect your Apple devices.

Plan terminate up an incoming name from your iPhone, hear in on tune in your Mac, or enhance your TV skills by taking the sound from your Apple TV to the following stage — they all be a part of to HomePod mini.

White HomePod mini with a particular person’s hand retaining an iPhone over HomePod mini. Song is taking part in on the iPhone masks.

Hand off tune and podcasts between HomePod mini and iPhone

When you’re taking half in tune or a podcast and need to head out, you might per chance presumably presumably presumably successfully proceed to heart of attention in your iPhone with out missing a beat. Hand it off good by bringing your iPhone shut to HomePod mini. And coming soon, you’ll skills the feeling of your iPhone and HomePod mini connecting nearly about because the sound transfers.

Hand off tune and podcasts between HomePod mini and iPhone

Furthermore coming soon are personalized listening solutions that can mechanically appear in your iPhone on the an identical time as you defend it subsequent to HomePod mini. You’ll accept as approved with instantaneous defend gaze over at your fingertips with out having to liberate your iPhone.

Siri is your build-it-all fascinating assistant

that areas HomePod mini on the center of your loved ones’s activities. Whether or now no longer you desire a hand with a mountainous sequence of on a normal foundation duties, desire straightforward defend gaze over over your good-attempting home tools, or honest wish to listen to your current tune — appropriate quiz Siri.

White HomePod mini with engaging top cap correct visible over the brink.

Hey Siri, play some

’90s hip hop

Heart of attention to tracks by tune, artist, album, playlist, vogue, or lyrics.

Hey Siri, play The Each day

Heart of attention to Apple Podcasts and radio stations.

Hey Siri, play the Drake

Pandora converse

Movement divulge field cloth from third‑occasion suppliers.

Hey Siri, what number of oz

are in a cup?

Convert devices and measurements.

Hey Siri, add flour to the grocery record

Contain lists and reminders. Siri will replace them all over all of your devices.

Hey Siri, what’s the closest

hardware retailer to me?

Net recordsdata to your wretchedness, in conjunction with instructions which accept as approved with potentially the latest web page visitors.

Hey Siri, type my iPhone

Stumble to your devices with a ping.

Hey Siri, textual divulge field cloth Mother,

Can’t wait

to entice you

Ship and receive messages,

and kind or contain phone calls.

Hey Siri, type the position warmer

Alter good-attempting home tools savor thermostats, lights, and blinds.

Hey Siri, is the front door locked?

Net the wretchedness of linked tools.

Hey Siri, it’s movie night

Contain scenes that defend gaze over a pair of devices concurrently with a single phrase.

Siri acknowledges you, him, her, and as successfully they.

Siri can acknowledge the voices of as a lot as six various family individuals on HomePod mini — and build a personalized skills for every and each particular person. So the tune Dad hears when he asks for one thing he’d savor is totally various from what the childhood hear after they quiz. And with Private Requests, Siri can acknowledge a explicit notify and relay that particular particular person particular person’s recordsdata from iPhone apps savor Messages, Calendar, Reminders, and Contacts.

Intercom spreads the have in mind.

With bigger than one HomePod within the position, you might per chance presumably presumably presumably successfully with out complications be alive to alongside aspect your relatives by notify utilizing Intercom. Search recordsdata from Siri to send your message to the corpulent home or to explicit particular person rooms — and all individuals can with out complications acknowledge.

White HomePod mini, an iPad, AirPods in a case, an iPhone, and an Apple See with a pink band are organized.

Hey Siri, grunt,

On my manner home,

desire me to settle one thing up?

Intercom furthermore works alongside aspect your various Apple devices

so that you correct would per chance presumably presumably successfully send and receive messages by design of CarPlay on the an identical time as you’re utilizing, in your AirPods all the design thru a exercise, or alongside aspect your Apple Contain a look on the an identical time as you’re working errands.

HomePod mini is mechanically added to the Home app

When you build of residing up HomePod mini, it’s mechanically added to the Home app, and with appropriate your notify you might per chance presumably presumably presumably successfully right away defend gaze over any of your HomeKit devices.

Alter your HomeKit tools remotely

HomePod mini can furthermore act as a home hub, letting you defend gaze over your HomeKit tools remotely. Wherever you drag, you might per chance presumably presumably presumably successfully draw a reside sight from the front door, shut your storage, and lock or liberate the position by design of the Home app.

The Peep tab all the design thru the Home app

Making an strive to inquire of additional regarding the advantages of an excellent-attempting home? The Peep tab within the Home app is the final have in mind wretchedness to construct up your arms on out what’s imaginable, earn strategies on top‑rated tools that work with HomePod mini, and be a part of to the Apple Retailer app for added minute print and straight forward attempting.

Privateness is key — especially in your non-public home. HomePod mini is designed to defend your non-public recordsdata steal and be a relied on assistant in your loved ones’s on a normal foundation life.

Three blue speech bubbles all direct “Hey, Siri.”

HomePod mini most attention-grabbing listens for “Hey Siri”

— so that you correct would per chance presumably presumably successfully be alive to freely engaging nothing you recount is disbursed out of your home till you suggested Siri with a pretty, or HomePod mini hears the magic words, “Hey Siri.”

Behold of a doorbell digital camera reveals a girl in a pink sweatshirt. The words “Discuss” and “Are dwelling” are on masks.

HomeKit steal video crimson meat up

With HomeKit Steady Video crimson meat up, HomePod mini can analyze the feeds of your supported video cameras, detecting the presence of of us and recognizing acquainted faces, pets, and autos. All video processing is finished appropriate on instrument forward of it’s despatched quit‑to‑quit encrypted to iCloud — so your recordings can most attention-grabbing be considered by you and the of us you share them with, no longer Apple.

Shiny graphic of a circle fabricated from totally different symbols and shapes representing encrypted data.

Most atmosphere superior what you furthermore will most reputedly be sayng to Siri

When you quiz Siri one thing, your quiz is linked to a random identifier, no longer your Apple ID.

Home Grey HomePod mini from a top discover with plus and minus quantity controls and a engaging masks beneath them.

Siri makes use of on-instrument intelligence

HomePod mini works alongside aspect your iPhone for requests savor hearing your messages or notes, so that they’re carried out on instrument with out revealing that recordsdata to Apple.

White HomePod mini in front and to the left of a Home Grey HomePod.